Good ideas should be left unfiltered

Product & Brand: Pitch a cool project that you would want to do and get Karlsson's Gold to fund/sponsor it. 

$1,5001st place 
$1,0002nd place 
$7003rd place 
$5004th place 
$3005th place 

$250 (up to 8 ideas) Client choice


Submission period (42 Days)
Rating period (7 Days)

Project brief

Pitch a cool project that you would want to do and get Karlsson's Gold to fund/sponsor it. 


From the creator of the Absolut® vodka, Börje Karlsson, comes Karlsson’s Gold – a blend of seven varieties of virgin new-potatoes from the exclusive Cape Bjäre of Southern Sweden. It is an up-and-coming grassroots company, which is slowly making its way into the finest boutique restaurants (e.g., The Aviary in Chicago), and a brand which top-notch mixologists would choose (e.g. Jim Meehan of PDT in NYC uses it as the only vodka on the cocktail list).

Instead of distilling to infinitum and removing every trace of its origin, Karlsson’s Gold vodka is meticulously distilled only once to preserve as much as possible of the inherent flavor. Special attention is devoted to what we are distilling our vodka from, the very finest virgin new-potatoes, collectively known as the Golden Potatoes of Sweden. The product is perfected by the fine blending techniques of the seven types of virgin new-potatoes by the Master Blender Börje Karlsson resulting in a small batch vodka with outstanding character and taste. 

Since the 60s with Smirnoff’s advertising, US consumers have been tricked into believing that ‘smooth’ vodka equals premium. Why is that when all that smooth really means is tasteless, odorless and colorless? Since vodka can be made out of anything that ferments, smooth no longer is a compelling reason. Karlsson’s Gold believes that vodka should not be ‘smooth’, it should have taste.

Karlsson’s Gold wants to help the market re-discover vodka, don’t distill until it tastes of nothing. They want to take on their competition head-on and challenge them. This is where “Good ideas should be left unfiltered” is born.


Project definition

UPDATED on 9/8

Main Objective

To activate the concept of “Good ideas should be left unfiltered”, we would like you to pitch a cool project which Karlsson's Gold can associate itself with when they promote their brand in the US market. It shouldn't be an advertising campaign, just a fab proposal that if picked can be implemented as is and not filtered. For example:

- If you are a chef, you can propose a pre-theater dinner on Broadway

- If you are a jewelry designer, design a limited edition piece for Karlsson's

Don't just provide advertising/marketing ideas. Provide us with ideas that you would do yourself, like a Kickstarter project. We are looking for attention grabbing ideas, events, installations, apps, etc. It is important to not filter your ideas. 


Key Insight

  • Never filter a good thing too much

  • Create and extend the fan base, should inspire and share

  • Create a conversation around vodka and taste

  • Make Karlsson’s Gold the leading vodka with taste

  • Make Karlsson’s Gold the small batch vodka category leader


Audience specifics

  • Adults 25-49, male skew
  • “Must Have” and “In The Know” target will purchase regardless of financial reallocations they must make
  • Higher Educated - College, Some College
  • Urban/Major Markets – specifically NY and California are target areas with good distribution of the product
  • Vodka Connoisseurs + Martini Drinkers + On The Rocks Drinkers (Vodka, Whisky, Tequila, Rum) + Mixology Drink Fans (Bourbon, Gin, Tequila)
  • “Foodie” or Epicurean (really, this is lifestyle, not psychographic)
  • Are looking for “something different” and “something unique”
  • Seek out quality, in all products and in all experiences - “quality seekers” and “quality experience seekers”
  • Are “in the know” as far as the latest and greatest, and tell their friends and colleagues
  • Not interested in being part of the crowd - “independent thinkers”
  • Concern and interest for what they consume/put in to their body
  • Looking for high quality products
  • Potato vodka trend - a vodka with taste is interesting to bartenders/mixologists as many feel other vodkas are too bland
  • That Karlsson’s Gold vodka is a brand that is here to stay
  • That Karlsson’s Gold vodka is a brand which has a story with real people behind the product


  • Tongue and cheek
  • Thought provoking
  • Bold, maybe borderline provocative
  • Cements the “underdog” quality of the brand


It is about the purity of an idea. It is your first instinct. It is honesty. It is simple.
Here are some things we have come across that represent ‘unfiltered’ ideas:
  • PUMA's Hardchorus (2010 campaign) – Although it was an ad campaign, it is the idea and the talent used that makes the idea unfiltered. PUMA took advantage of the dilemma of game day falling on Valentine's Day. And the talent were 'hooligans' recruited after games. It was such a success that they took it to the second round and did a European Song Contest.
  • Out standing in the field – Taste the food at farm, not at the restaurant.
  • How about we – Meet like-minded people based on suggested date activity that you like and not by their dating profile.
  • Jim Haynes – For 30 years he’s been inviting 50-60 strangers to dine at his home, he’s never filtered who comes.
  • The Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola taste challenges

Mandatory requirements

Make sure you incorporate the logistics for your project (e.g., how much would it cost to execute it, how would you go about bringing it to life, etc.)
  • Marketing cannot be directed to anyone under the age of 21.
  • Should follow the code of responsible practices in marketing alcohol
  • The ideas should be doable/producible for no more than $10,000 per idea.
  • Your submission(s) should be as follows:
    • At a minimum we expect strong visual image(s) with a clear description of the idea
    • If you have a script, then you can consider including a storyboard
    • And if you are really inspired, then feel free to submit a video of your idea (e.g., Kickstarter style)

Here are some helpful videos for this project:


Download material



  • 0
    7 months ago

    nsonne project guide

    good news for our collective in NYC - we've got a bit of an extra treat for you! A taste session to experience Karlsson's Gold and re-discover vodka!

    When: Wednesday, August 17
    Time: 6pm until 8pm
    Where: Ale's in Brooklyn

    And yes, the client will be there so you can prod her on more info about the brand. Anything that will help you with your thinking.

    Not in NYC? All is not lost. There will be a few Skype slots for you to ask the client specific questions. Just ask me about it.

    So let's roll up our sleeves and get to work!
    • 6 months ago

      nsonne project guide

      Even better news - in case you were still fiddling about your idea and needed more time, we postponed the vodka tasting!
      To get a personal invite to the tasting and the 'meet and greet' with the client, submit your idea before September 5th, 6pm EST.

      Let me know if you have any further questions on that event or the brief - we're looking forward to seeing you ladies unleash your creativity!
  • 0
    6 months ago

    nsonne project guide

    we updated the briefing re: the main objective. We had a very enlightening call with the client today - it's less about an advertising campaign but more about really smart and outstanding ideas that Karlsson's can associate with and implement unfiltered... now if that isn't a dream brief!
    Curious to see what you will do with it!
  • sashaflynn9
    6 months ago


    I'm curious about creating an idea- do they have a US launch date?
    • 6 months ago

      nsonne project guide

      Hey sashaflynn9,
      as far as I know they don't have a specific date yet - soon though ;)
      But that doesn't affect you submitting an idea for this project - you have 14 days left, start creating rather earlier than later to benefit from the community's as well as the client's feedback!
      Looking forward to seeing your idea!
  • 0
    6 months ago

    nsonne project guide

    Just to give you a heads up - I will be away for the next 2 weeks, but my colleague Cassandra (CCappello) will take good care of all your questions.
    See you soon,
  • ccappello
    6 months ago


    Hey ladies -

    There have been some minor additions to the briefing. Nothing too big don't worry - just to help you all along a little better. Check out the announcement, main objective, and mandatory requirements.

    Good luck with the rest of the contest. If you have any questions let me know. : )

  • ccappello
    5 months ago


    Hello Ladies!

    Remember that this is not necessarily a campaign suggestion / design concept. This is creating an even that Karlsson will be sponsoring. So keep those Unfiltered concepts coming!
  • cyn04
    5 months ago


    I am seeing a lot of great ideas and proposals being submitted. Keep up the great work. Love seeing amazing submissions. But at the same time, many are missing the logistics part of the brief and providing ballpark costs to ensure they fit within the mandatory of $10k/idea. How will this effect the submission when it comes down to rating it? What should the rest of the community be considerate of? Thanks.
  • 0
    5 months ago

    nsonne project guide

    Hello there,
    I'm back from my vacation and noticed that due to a technical glitch the contest closed 6 hours early. To make sure you haven't been working in vain, please just send me your submissions today before 6PM EST with all the details (your username, the idea title, summary, description etc.) and I'll upload them for you:
    Thx and sorry for the inconvenience!