Good ideas should be left unfiltered

Good ideas should be left unfiltered

Pitch brand activation ideas to promote Karlsson's Gold Vodka and help consumers to re-discover vodka.



Pitch a cool project that you would want to do and get Karlsson's Gold to fund/sponsor it. 
Community choice (total): $4,000

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Good ideas should be left unfiltered. 

From the creator of the Absolut® vodka, Börje Karlsson, comes Karlsson’s Gold – a blend of seven varieties of virgin new-potatoes from the exclusive Cape Bjäre of Southern Sweden. It is an up-and-coming grassroots company, which is slowly making its way into the finest boutique restaurants (e.g., The Aviary in Chicago), and a brand which top-notch mixologists would choose (e.g. Jim Meehan of PDT in NYC uses it as the only vodka on the cocktail list).

To activate the concept of “Good ideas should be left unfiltered”, we would like you to pitch brand activation ideas, or things that Karlsson’s Gold should do, that will promote their brand in the US market and help consumers to re-discover vodka.

We are looking for attention grabbing promotional campaign ideas, events, guerrilla marketing, installations, apps, a clever SEO reach out strategy, etc. It is important to not filter your ideas.