Help explain what shout does

Video Contest: Develop visual treatments for shout’s showcase video for our clients.

$7001st place 
$3002nd place 

$1,000 + a SheSays digital course (worth $575) + credits on the video

Client choice


Open for submissions

Submission period (28 Days)
Rating period (7 Days)

Project brief

Develop visual treatments for shout’s showcase video for our clients.


Since we got out of beta in August 2011 we learned a lot about shout: what people think of us, what clients like about us, new things we should add to the site, you name it.

Because shout is a totally new way of working, we find ourselves having to educate potential clients about what we do all the time. We currently explain what we do in detail on our client page but it’s too long and we'd like to make the whole thing snappier.


Project definition

Main Objective

Suggest a visual treatment, provide key frames that tell the story and assets for shout’s showcase video. The winner will end up here.

Anything goes, you can suggest animation, real footage or a mix of both as long as you incorporate our script and the mandatories below.

Key Insight

We need to explain this new way of working to clients in a fun and engaging way.


We’re also roping in an expert, Lauryn Siegel (aka flockofsiegels), to help us provide feedback along the way and make our final decision. She’ll be the one producing the video. She also happens to be a member of our shout collective. It is important for us to leverage our own members as it is you who know shout the best.


Audience specifics

Current and prospective clients.

Then the press and finally some women that may want to join the platform.


Mandatory requirements

  • Examples of visual treatment.
  • Colour palette - please use similar images to the site
  • 5 keyframes with assets (if animation) that a visual effects person can use.


Download material

The following links provide logos, design guidelines and other material related to the project