Launch of the 1st badass ping pong sportswear brand

Video Contest: Concept and script a branded film and photo shoot for the launch of Thompson Punke.

$1,2001st place 
$8002nd place 

$3,000 production budget & LE collection

Client choice



Submission period (38 Days)
Rating period (7 Days)

Project brief

Concept and script a branded film and photo shoot for the launch of Thompson Punke.


Thompson Punke launching this fall is the only cool sportswear/clothing brand with its roots in ping pong. Other sportswear have started based on sports like running, soccer, football, tennis, etc. We have decided to start with the focus on what makes ping pong such a popular sport (see ‘Key insight’) and cater for those who play it.

Thompson Punke is for ping pong players with an edge. Historically ping pong players have not had a choice of stylish gear when it comes to practicing their favorite sport. They were nerds that didn’t care about how they dressed.
Not anymore. We want to be the first bad ass ping pong brand that is pro-fun and not nerdy.
Although we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we are serious about the social and physical aspects of ping pong. For example, we believe that the best conversation are over a ping pong game. Buddhist monks play ping poing. In brief, ping pong players have an incredible balance between intellect and skill. We want to add style to that combination.

Project definition

Main Objective

To create and script a video that will help launch the brand. The primary goal is to get across the feel of the brand and only a little bit of product detail, mainly t-shirts for now. And badass enough to be something that people will share on YouTube and get talked about.

While filming the video, we plan to do a photo shoot for our upcoming website and press promotion materials. Ideas will be needed for the shoot.

The video will live on the website.


Key Insight

Ping Pong doesn’t need to be nerdy anymore. A huge amount of cool people now play ping pong. Look at any cool film, photo shoot, creative office out there and you’ll find a ping pong table with players in action. This is a trend that has been growing exponentially over the last four or five years.


Audience specifics

  • Ping pong players. Whether they are professionals players or not. Shipping will be limited to US during launch but worldwide later.
  • Whether they are training for a tournament or having a game in the back yard with friends, they are people who appreciate a strong brand that stands for fun.
  • First collection will be for men but we will do a women's collection soon.
  • Ping Pong players are any age. It’s not about age it’s about attitude.
  • We are anti-jock, anti-steroids, anti-jersey-shore body builders.



  • Community Choice: $2,000 in total (1st: $1,200; 2nd: $800)
  • Client Choice: Earn $3,000 budget to produce the script plus $300 worth of limited edition collection.



  • Raw energy
  • No bullshit
  • Humorous


  • Pictures: "Locals Only: California Skateboarding 1975-1978"  – the attitude of the kids is perfect
  • Film: Dogtown and Z boys. Dazed and Confused. Kids.
  • TV: Skins. Breaking Bad. Rob Drydek. Shows on MTV.
  • Music: LCD Soundsystem. Led Zeppelin. Nirvana.


Mandatory requirements

  • A story-board with an indication of proposed visual treatment.
  • A badass script for a branded content film (brand 70%, product 30%).
  • The video’s ideal length should be around 2 minutes.
  • Ideas for a (fashion) shoot that would highlight certain images and products during the film.
  • You as a talent need to be able to produce the film IF your submission is chosen by the client. 
  • Note: It is up to you how you want to produce it - there's plenty of options:
    • You can use a Flip camera and we’ll supply the models, etc.
    • You may decide that you don’t want to film it at all. You can do it all in After Effects or Flash. 
    • Don’t have a camera or the software skills? Think of bringing in a friend to help you. It’ll be your reward money, and you can choose to share it.


Download material

The following links provide logos, design guidelines and other material related to the project



  • michelle
    5 months ago


    Agreed. Love this!
  • EliciaBG
    5 months ago


    Soooooooooo stoked on this brief ... good luck everyone!!!
  • Kate
    5 months ago


    Finally, something for writers! Rad product too. I
  • EliciaBG
    5 months ago


    Hey Nathalie ... how many ideas are we allowed to submit on this brief? Just one?

    • 5 months ago

      nsonne project guide

      No, let's go for 5 for starters - and if you're in the flow and want to submit more, just contact me and I up the number for everyone.
      Can't wait to see everyone's ideas!
  • spagetti_07
    5 months ago


    Can anyone who live outside the States submit their idea to the contest??
  • 0
    4 months ago

    nsonne project guide

    I added a couple of pics to the download material, check it out!
  • 0
    4 months ago

    nsonne project guide

    So who's up for a ping pong match?
    In case you haven't seen the latest blogpost - we're having a get-to-together with the client at Spin next week - Thursday 7-9PM, 304 Park Avenue South.
    Hope to see you there!
  • 0
    4 months ago

    nsonne project guide

    we extended the deadline - 13 days left for submissions from now on. Still plenty of time to come up with ground breaking ideas - just make sure to submit as early as possible to benefit from the crowd's feedback!
    We also clarified the client requirement - of course we don't expect Hollywood to happen here - use a Flip Camera, do it in After Effects/Flash or bring along friends with camera skills - up to you, no pressure, just think about seeing your napkin sketch realized in a movie on Thompson Punke's website...
    Looking forward to seeing your ideas!
    • 4 months ago

      nsonne project guide

      Change of plan - We're meeting at Fat Cat - that's 75 Christopher at 7th Ave.
      Looking forward to seeing you there!
  • drflexmatrix
    3 months ago


    Awesome!!! Great product name!
  • 0
    3 months ago

    nsonne project guide

    Ladies - thanks so much for this great project. The client was very impressed with your input and asked me to pass on his individual feedback to you. Watch out for my latest comments on your ideas!