Spreading the shout

Product & Brand: Give us a shout out -  We want the best ideas to attract talent, as well as clients, to work on shout.

$3,0001st place 

Spot on SheSays course (worth $575) Client choice


Submission period (28 Days)
Rating period (7 Days)

Project brief

Give us a shout out -  We want the best ideas to attract talent, as well as clients, to work on shout.


shout is the natural extension of SheSays. As part of the SheSays philosophy of nurturing and educating women in the marketing and advertising world, shout is the space where these talented women can showcase their killer skills and know-how.

As part of our beta collective to experience the ins and outs of shout, you are best poised to ‘spread the word’. Be our inspiration. We want to continue growing the community with women of your caliber that you would like to work with. And we want to attract clients who you would like to work on. Plain and simple.  

Project definition

This is a two-pronged brief. You can either choose to tackle one part, or both.

Give us your best ideas to:
  • Attract more talented women, like yourselves, to join shout,
  • Appeal to clients  to want to work with us on shout. 
Show them what they could be missing. 
You can submit anything from an event idea to app, and anything in between.

Audience specifics

Talented women in the digital advertising and marketing space. Women who would fit the profile of a SheSays member.
Brands and clients who market to women or have a more sensitive side. But we can’t ignore brands who may just want a woman’s perspective. They need to know that we are much more than just an ideas platform. We can also produce stuff too, making the ideas happen.


  • Nurturing
  • Innovative
  • Bold
  • Confident
  • Straight forward with a cheeky twist


  • You and all the women in the SheSays community that do great work everyday....

Mandatory requirements

  • shout logo
  • Strapline: Evolved collaboration to make ideas happen.
  • shout color palette
  • Please identify if you are tackling both parts of the brief, or just one, when you submit your idea(s).


Download material

The following links provide logos, design guidelines and other material related to the project