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Web Design: Do good, feel good: Design a new homepage for one of the first women, Ann Daniels, to walk to the North Pole.

Creative's name will appear prominently on Ann Daniels’ homepage as credit for design. Plus a photo in the North Pole.

Client choice

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Submission period (33 Days)
Rating period (7 Days)

Project brief

Do good, feel good: Design a new homepage for one of the first women, Ann Daniels, to walk to the North Pole.


Heads up: We extended the submission deadline by one week - you now have until Dec 12, 6PM EST to submit ideas.


Ann Daniels is a record breaking polar explorer with an incredible story.

After having triplets, she answered an ad in the newspaper looking for inexperienced people to walk to the North Pole. Ann, who was not into action sports, always lived in the city and never set foot at a gym before, decided to take on the challenge. And guess what? She trained hard on Devon’s moors in England and earned her shot at making history.

This saw her become part of the first all women’s expedition to walk in relay to the North Pole.

In 2000 she and four others walked across Antarctica to the South Pole. 

And in 2002, Ann returned to the Arctic, put together and took part in an all the way expedition to the North pole to become the first female team in the world to walk to both poles. Temperatures as low as -50º for the first 26 days severely hampered progress and success looked doubtful from the start. Ann and her team were hit by three storms that were so severe that they were unable to erect their tent and had to huddle together for 3 days, surviving with little food and water.  They suffered frostbite, back problems and carbon monoxide poisoning whilst having to carry sledges weighing over 140 lbs. Despite these setbacks, Ann and her fellow team mates achieved their goal and reached the pole triumphantly.

Since then, Ann has become one of Britain’s leading female explorers and is among the very few people in the world who have walked to both the North and South Geographical poles.  She is a Polar Guide and has led 3 major scientific expeditions on the Arctic Ocean working with scientists to better understand the problems facing the fragile Arctic Ocean.  Her achievements have been recognized by many bodies including the Guinness book of records, The Pride of Britain Awards and Women of the Year Awards.

Even with all those achievements, she wants a bigger challenge: to be the first woman to trek to the North Pole solo. 

During the expedition she hopes to highlight in a dynamic way what is happening to this fragile place on earth and how it effects the rest of the world.  She will also run a program that schools can use for educational purposes.

Ann wants commence her expedition as the first woman to the North Pole in February 2012. But only if she is able to secure the funding in the next couple of months.

This will be a genuine world first and here’s where you come in:  In order to get the exposure - and funding - she needs, the homepage of her site has to be redesigned.


Project definition

Main Objective

To re-design the homepage template of in order to make it more dynamic and help Ann get the funding she needs for her next solo expedition. 


Key Insight

The current homepage is not a true reflection of how dynamic Ann Daniels is as a person. Ann needs your help to make a lasting and powerful first impression to sponsors as well as the general public. 


Audience specifics

  • Sponsors (mainly blue-chip corporations)
  • Companies who want to hire her as a speaker
  • The general public who would be interested in finding out about Ann’s superb story and donating to her efforts. 



The rewards for this project are not financial, but experiential. It is what we are calling a “Do good, feel good” project. You’ll get tons of exposure and an experience you can tell your kids and grandkids about.

Community Choice: 

  • 1st place: A signed photo of the first place winner with Ann on the North Pole (yes she’ll take your picture and take a picture of that), a bottle of water from the North Pole, and a 5 min call from the expedition.
  • 2nd & 3rd place: Limited edition print and Ann will put the names of the 2nd and 3rd place winners on the flag she takes with her.

Client Choice: 

Ann gets huge exposure - her media impressions are valued at at £3.49M. Your name will appear prominently on her homepage as credit for design. Plus a photo of you in the North Pole with Ann.

But again, this brief is ‘Do good, feel good’. If Ann does not secure funding to go in February 2012, it’ll be impossible for her to honor the prizes immediately. The designer’s name prominently on the homepage that the client chooses is guaranteed. She has faith and conviction that the expedition will happen, but wanted to make this point very clear. If not in 2012, then in 2013. She is not giving up. 



  • Raw energy
  • Inspiring
  • Fearless, courageous


SheSays site ( - here Ann likes how all news and tweets are displayed on the homepage. She also likes the DONATE button. - a simple and dynamic blog in the field of polar exploration  and - simple and dynamic blogs outside the field of polar exploration

Mandatory requirements

  • Redesign the HOMEPAGE to make it more dynamic. By dynamic we mean that the HOMEPAGE should tell people all the latest things that Ann is up to, so:
  1. Add news, videos, photo and twitter feeds. 
  2. Add social media links to FB and Twitter. 
  3. Add a DONATION button where people can donate through PayPal. 
  4. Add ability for people to like and comment on things.
  • The HOMEPAGE logo at the top should say 'Polar explorer' and not 'motivational speaker'.
  • Keep with existing color palette of black, white and red.
  • The page redesign needs to work harmoniously with the remaining pages (e.g., about, expedition, speaker and contact).
  • The navigation should be left untouched.
  • The newly designed pages will be developed in WordPress.
  • The same redesign for homepage will be used for the MEDIA page as this also needs to be more dynamic. You just need to do one page design, however, if you’re psyched, you can replicate the HOMEPAGE design on the MEDIA page and add logos of all the places that Ann has appeared.
  • Make sure that you’ve incorporated your name into the homepage as credit for the design.


Download material

The following links provide logos, design guidelines and other material related to the project



  • 0
    3 months ago

    nsonne project guide

    I really hope (I actually don't doubt it at all) that we come up with some stunning designs here that live up to the grand person Ann Daniels is. Looking forward to your submissions!
  • sbee35
    3 months ago


    could you please post high resolution version of the pictures in the solo_nov doc which has been created in acrobat with text embedded in it?
    Let me know
    Stephane :)
    • 3 months ago

      nsonne project guide

      Hey Stephane,
      I just added bigger pics without text. Looking forward to your submission!
  • 0
    3 months ago

    nsonne project guide

    Wanted to share with you all that Ann Daniels has been reviewing all the work that has been submitted to date and this is what she says: "This is amazing. Thanks for all this. There is some really good work and I'm really impressed by the work that has been done so far."